SELF 2016 Presentations

Warner Music Group's copyright enforcement algorithm flagged all of the 2016 SELF videos for a song used during sponsor credits:

18:14 <@GTswagger> kk4ewt:  it's because the videos from sponsors have audio with them which is copyright flagged
18:14 <@GTswagger> and until I get that resolved through YT (could be MONTHS) YT will serve ads on those videos
18:14 <@GTswagger> notice all the videos that have cleared rights and are listed as Creative Commons have no ads
18:15 <@GTswagger> And that's how I want it -- so that the only way to get an ad in the video is to sponsor.
18:15 <@GTswagger> And that's yet another reason sponsor video ads got killed starting this year.
18:15 <@GTswagger> It's a pain in the genitals dealing with YouTube's copyright dispute system which is so tilted to rights holders as to barely even be worthy
18:15 <@GTswagger> ... of the world "dispute" system
18:15 <@GTswagger> It's more like a mother-may-I system.